Ashlar Vellum 2D and 3D CAD

            Ashlar-Vellum™   distributed in Australia by Cube Industrial Design Pty Ltd   Authorised Value Added Reseller of Designer Elements CAD software
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Ashlar Vellum applications are very easy to learn and use - most people with a basic knowledge of computers and drafting should be able to be producing real work within a day, just by going through some of the tutorials provided on the application CD. However there is nothing like having someone show you and answer specific questions - so maybe you would like some training.

Individual and group training is can be arranged at your office or ours.

We have found the the best method is to have a general run through of the applications and then work on some real jobs that would be typical of the type of project that you would like to process using one of the Ashlar Vellum products.

Usually two sessions of 2 - 3 hours is sufficient to cover a good variety of drawing and modelling techniques. Special deals can be made to purchase training with your software. Call us to talk about your training requirements.

Technical Support

We have been using Ashlar Vellum applications since 1994 (Vellum 2.1) for a wide variety of projects - we have an enormous amount of experience using Ashlar software on real and complex jobs.

If you run into problems with an installation, using the applications or a design issue, we usually have the experience to help out there and then ring us or send an email with your file attached and we will see what we can do.

If we don't know the answer we will contact Ashlar in the US on your behalf and usually have an answer back within 12 hours.